2020 Endorsement

Note: The purpose of the Latinx Young Democrats of Sacramento County is to pursue the ideas of liberty, justice, and freedom for all regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or income from a Latino lens. We pursue these ideas through support of latino candidates or others who support latino issues and ideas of the Democratic Party.

We are proud to endorse our very own co-founder and President Mariana Corona Sabeniano for Natomas School Board! Mariana is a proud product of public education and a first-generation college graduate. Growing up in a low-income, farmworker family and being the eldest of six, Mariana has known hard work, responsibility and leadership her entire life. She has over thirteen years of education policy experience and is an active community leader in Natomas.For more information please visit: www.MarianaCoronaSabeniano.com

We are proud to endorse Alejandro Gutierrez-Duncan for Elk Grove City Council, District 3!Alejandro is an ex-LYDS board member and current active member who continues to provide support and advice to us. He is a multiracial queer immigrant from Bolivia who found success despite facing many challenges when coming to the US. He will combat socioeconomic inequalities to ensure everyone has opportunities for success.For more information, visit: www.VoteAlejandro.us

We have endorsed Chinua Rhodes for Sacramento City School Board, Area 5!Chinua is a father of 5, a community organizer and Parks and Rec Commissioner for Sacramento’s District 8. He has coordinated grants and programs that supported thousands of youth and families. He is running because he knows how strong schools build strong neighborhoods!For more information, visit: www.ChinuaRhodes.org

We have endorsed Paula Villescaz for San Juan School Board!Paula is a current Board Member at San Juan School Board and has been an effective representative for San Juan students. She helped pass a K-12 school bond that allowed for the re-building of aging facilities, increased access to rigorous academic programs for all students, and increased the number of counselors, social workers, and other direct student supports to improve outcomes for students. If reelected, she’ll continue her great work supporting students.For more information, visit: www.PaulaVillescaz.com

We have endorsed Martha Guerrero for West Sacramento Mayor!Martha is an active member of LYDS, a Councilmember in the city of West Sacramento and a community leader in the whole Sacramento region. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by training and a legislative advocate by profession, Martha brings compassionate and effective leadership to her work in City Council.For more information, visit: www.MarthaGuerrero.com

We have endorsed Dr. Susan Heredia for Natomas School Board!Dr. Heredia is a current Board Member at the Natomas School Board and has been a consisten champion for latinx and underserved youth, serving as Director-At-Large, Hispanic, as well as Vice President of the CA School Boards Association (CSBA). If reelected, she’ll continue to fight for our most vulnerable students.For more information, visit: www.Heredia4Natomaskid.wixsite.com/susancampaign2

We have endorsed Les Simmons for Sacramento City Council, District 8!Les has spent his career fighting for equality, social justice and an end to community violence in South Sacramento. He will serve us well in City Council.Please share and spread the word!For more, visit: www.SimmonsForSacramento.com

We have endorsed Gregg Fishman for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, District 3!Getting Gregg elected is crucial in order to bring better values to our county governance and to finally reign in our anti-immigrant Sheriff who thinks he is above oversight and the law. Please share and spread the word!For more, visit: www.GreggFishman.com

We have endorsed the No on Measure A campaign!Measure A diminishes the voice of neighborhoods in City governance, provides less accountability and transparency, and locks $40 million dollars out of the budget every year.For more information, visit: www.NoWayMeasureA.com

2019 Endorsements

10/11/19 Political Committee Meeting

  • Sacramento City Council – District 4
    • Steve Hansen
    • Katie Valenzuela
  • Sacramento City Council – District 6
    • Eric Guerra
  • Twin Rivers Unified School District – Trustee Area 7
    • Linda Fowler
    • Daniel Savala

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2018 Endorsements